City Church International (CCI) is non-denominational church based in Hong Kong. We love to host God's Presence we love hosting people in His Presence. We revel in the Father's unconditional love for us and the world. We worship Jesus for His reconciling sacrifice to unite us with our Heavenly Father. And we extravagantly enjoy the Holy Spirit's continuous and unwavering power and presence in our daily lives. 

We love seeing people encountering God's power and labor to establish a grace environment where people find they effortlessly feel the Glory of God. In these atmosphere's it is easy to evangelize, minister, and serve. 

CCI is a place you'll feel loved and accepted.

We are a bi-lingual church with upfront translation of both English and Cantonese.

CCI was planted in 2004 by Rob and Glenda Rufus when God called them to "Establish a Move of God's Spirit in Hong Kong to Touch the Nations of the World."