Jesus was God. Jesus was with God. And Jesus was the beginning of all things. Without Jesus, nothing would have been created or would exist. Jesus did not come into existence 2000 years ago, He was always present. What is astonishing, is that 2000 years ago, God came to the very Earth He created in the form of the man He created. Jesus submitted himself to the constraints of humanity to save humanity as a man Himself. Some of these created men rejected the un-created Jesus, all the while others accepted Him as their Creator, Savior, and Brother. Without Jesus, the life and light of our purpose, being, meaning, and future has no substance and will be meaningless for all eternity (Paraphrased from John 1:1-18).

Jesus and His sacrifice (by dying on the cross at the hands of men) opened the way back to God after we as mankind closed the door on God through our rebellion and religion. In John 14:6 Jesus said He was the only way back into relationship with God. 

After being raised from the dead to prove His Divinity, and having accomplished His purpose, Jesus left the Earth to return to God. In John 14:15-27 Jesus said He would not leave us like orphans, but would sent His Spirit, the Holy Spirit to be with us always. Jesus' Spirit comforts us and guides every moment of every day, lavishing God's Love on us by His Grace and Goodness. Holy Spirit continually remind us of Jesus, His work of salvation, and His unconditional Love forever towards us. Holy Spirit helps us to overcome the rebellion of religion and come into freedom to worship God, be loved by God, and experience His unadulterated, undiluted Life and Light. 


If you haven't encountered Jesus outside of a book or conversation, we encourage you to pray right now to accept Him as your God, Savior, and friend, acknowledging His sacrifice for your mistakes, allowing Him to take away your debt through His sacrifice. You will feel His presence through the Holy Spirit come around you and Love you like never before. 

We'd love to hear from you if you have prayed this prayer and help get you connected with a group of people in your area who can love you and encourage you on your journey.