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Establishing a Move of the Holy Spirit in Hong Kong that Touches the Nations of the World


Welcome to City Church International

Welcome to City Church's website! CCI is here to establish of move of God's Spirit in Hong Kong that touches the nations of the world. Our mandate is to see the rain of Heaven fall in Hong Kong and for it's beautiful people to receive and release God's goodness on the planet. Hosting God's presence is our highest priority and without Him, church is not really Church. The above painting was produced by our friend Lisa Ternent, who visited Hong Kong during an extreme drought. While here, rain started to fall and Lisa perfectly captured the joy and wonder at peoples receptivity to Heavens blessing. Spiritually speaking, we have seen the rain begin to fall in Hong Kong and are longing for greater downpours of Holy Spirits Goodness and Presence. The condition God has given CCI to establish His moving is to not fill buildings with people, but to faithfully fill people with His Presence. In turn, He will fill buildings all over Hong Kong full of people full of His Presence. Find out more about who we are here

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