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Pre-trib rapture and preterism proved wrong by Revelation 20. 1092
Timeline of the book of Revelation. 6816
Reasons for a future interpretation of Revelation. (Chapter by chapter.) 2552
5 major concerns with Preterism. 2813
This is how I interpret Luke 21 1850
10 reasons why Matthew 24 describes both 70 AD and the end of the age. 4854
Only through personal faith in Christ can a person be saved (The scriptures) 1545
Forgiveness - was all mankind forgiven at the Cross or must each person receive forgiveness? 1295
Prayer - does prayer move God to act in the earth? 1186
How does our new nature help us overcome sin? 1356
1 John 1:7 Do we need continual cleansing of sin? 1383
Refuting Universalism and Inclusionism. 1364
Does sin destroy our relationship with God? 2289
You cannot lose your salvation! 2317
How should we study and view the book of Revelation? 1929
Grace is a license to overcome sin! 3866
Is all mankind free from their sins or only those in Christ? 2838
Should we still hunger for the presence of God since we have the Spirit within? 2216
Are our sins counted against us until we "repent and get forgiveness"? 2359
John 15 "Bear fruit or be cut off?" What these verses are really saying. 3164
1 John 1:9 explained clearly. 15936
Scriptures about JUDGEMENT towards unbelievers. 4566
ELECTION and PREDESTINATION: The key that both Calvinism and Arminianism misses. 5126
Work out your salvation with fear and trembling? Philippians 2:12&13 1814
Safeguarding Your Life Against PORNOGRAPHY. 1833
Has our spirit already received glorification? What about our mind and body? 1475
2 Corinthians 3:18 - Looking at Christ to see ourselves! 1493
The Dangers of Living Sin Conscious 9815
We’re Not in a Violent Grace Revolution! 2534

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